Can’t get enough vampires!

The Strain

I thought that today is the first showing of Harry Potter. I hurriedly went home early, take a bath, and went straight to the cinema. But alas, no Harry Potter! Damn, it will be shown July 16. Tomorrow.

To compensate for my frustration, I drop by a bookstore to check what good books to read. I had just finish reading Let The Right One In, a vampire novel. And I heard about this Strain Trilogy, because this is a NY Times bestseller already, and is also about vampires. This was published in the US a month ago, and the hardbound edition is now available. The price is still steep, but what the heck. I will pay dearly for a good story.

So, after a vampire novel is another vampire saga.

Don’t you just wish vampires roam the world and their only target are assholes politicians? Decimate the world of bad apples. Meanwhile, I will transport myself to a gory New York, the setting.


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