The Lost Symbol

lost symbol

I am doubling my time to finish reading The Shadow of the Wind in time for the release of The Lost Symbol on Sep 15, 2009.

I might buy the book via National Bookstore’s promo. They will sell it at P780 with 20% off from its SRP. I don’t know how much will Powerbooks and FullyBooked sell this?

The Lost Symbol promo


From print to reel


I have read Yann Martel’s Life of Pi years ago. It was good. It is about the story of a young boy who survived a shipwreck and is joined by a tiger in the middle of the ocean. It is a story of overcoming our fear amidst adversities that come our way. It is also awash with rich imaginative happenings. It even mentioned Manila in some part, because the ship made a pit stop in the city before going to the Pacific Ocean.

The book will now be turned into a movie, and it will be directed by Ang Lee.

water for elephants

Sara Gruen’s love story about starstruck partner in a travelling circus. It feels like a telenovela you had seen on TV. Again, this is also being turned into a movie and will be directed by Francis Lawrence.

How long does your ipod earphone last?

From Richilango (

Mine, its six months. And because it is heavily used day in and out, six months is already long. Normally, I brought my iPod when I hit the treadmill in the gym. And because I sweat, it seeps into the earphone; thus, affecting its sound quality. And the rubberized lining around the earbud fades as time goes by.

My only complain is that the original earphones–the one that is free when you buy your new iPod–is just hard to look for. And they are way expensive.

Better take good care of this new replacement if that’s the case. I just have to make it last for at least a year.

Now you see him; now you don’t


I like Time Traveler’s Wife, not because I enjoyed the story (there has been many films that tackle the same issue before) but because they had it correct about time travel.

When you time-travel, you do not carry with you nothing, hence, you are naked. Which is what they do in the movie. Another thing is, that you cannot alter what had happen or what will happen…which they also respect in the movie.

Good film to watch with your significant other.