La Mesa sa Greenbelt 5


Last night, one of our friends who is based in the province is in Manila. Being the dutiful friends that we are, we agreed to meet and catch up with each other. I was assigned to look for a place to eat and lounge around in a good Thursday night.

I decided to settle in Greenbelt 5 area, the new mall within Ayala Center. There are so many strips of good restaurant within the area. But we decided to eat at MESA Filipino Moderne. They offer Pinoy delicacies, which I find good to eat in a lazy night with good friends.

I love their steamed okra with good shrimp paste sauce as partner. I also like their 2 versions of laing, one dried and one with coconut milk. Heaven.

I just have one complaint, though. The service is a little poor. Well, maybe because they have many customers during the time we were there. To think, it was a Thursday.

I will definitely return to try their crispchon. I heard it’s good.


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