A night with a visiting friend


Several days ago, I mentioned about going out in MESA in Greenbelt 5. I also said that I love their steamed okra. But you do not have the idea how it looks like. Well, go figure. Its above.

After the gustatory delight with friends, we still ask for a light dessert to top it all. We chose their turon with ice cream. I was expecting the usual wrap roll of turon in elongated style, but they present it in a different form. Cool.


Our stomach is already complaining from food and crunches from laughing. After paying the bill, we decided to lounge at Seattle’s Best Coffee to digest the overeating.

seattle best

I ordered milk-based hot drink. The rest had espresso and tea. Of course, the stories just pops out and we never grew tired of laughing at the same old funny moments from before.

While at it, pictures has to be uploaded right away to Facebook for friends outside the Philippines to see. And envy.


After two hours of lounging at the coffee shop, and because the shop itself is about to close, we call it a day. It was a fine night with friends.



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