Can’t go to Greece, try spa instead

The Spa

The entrance is obviously Hellenic. It’s like one of those Greek villas sprouting in some islands in the Aegean Sea. The air is wafting with minty dew. Yes, this is the place for months of hell in corporate world.

I had my reservation online. Gentleman’s package. Swedish full body massage and facial. That’s about two hours all in all.

After I paid at the front desk, I was given my locker number (#1). That’s good, I thought. I am the only client for now. Upon entering the room, I was offered with a ginger tea by the male attendant. I am not a fan of tea, but I have to try it because damn, I paid hefty for the services so might as well say yes to every questions ask! Unbelievable, the ginger is really good! I had one full cup. 

Prior to the massage itself, I had my steam bath. All by myself. Cool, the foggy room is so hot it makes you sweat right away upon entering it. And your skin turns pinkish. After five minutes in there, I had my cold shower to close the pores. 

After the shower, I again had some ginger tea. Second cup. Then, went straight to the massage room. One hour of bliss here. After the massage, I had facial. Theirs is not the prick-that-whiteheads kind of facial. They only apply exfoliants, scrubs, cream, and that’s it. Not invasive at all. But my face is smooth afterwards–same effect, minus the redness from pricking.

Afterwards, I have another cup of ginger tea. Damn, two hours of bliss well spent on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Others watch the Mayweather-Marquez fight. Me, I was in Greece lounging and enjoying myself. I don’t have to go that far, it’s just in The Spa Podium.

PS: My Singapore-based friend is inviting me to another spa moment when she gets home. Excited.


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