Zombies in our midst.

Zombies mutate during Christmas. They come in different forms and sizes.

1. Inaanaks who knocks on your door begging for gifts.

2. Officemates who leave messages on your Facebook wall greeting you Merry Christmas, and hints for gifts.

3. Parents who asks for aginaldo, when in fact, it’s supposed to be the other way around.

4. Taxi drivers. Self explanatory.

5. Scheming street vendors.

6. Drunks.

7. Inattentive waiters and waitresses. Must be tired from influx of customers.

8. Hold-uppers.

9. Friends in vacation break, while you are left in the city due to some effing work.

10. GMA, and politicians in general.

See, we are all zombies. And we live in Zombieland.


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