Lobotomy in the fangs of True Blood

I only got the chance to watch the much-talk about TV series “True Blood” just last month. I thought that it doesn’t suit my taste based on the synopsis of vampires mixing with humans in a society, their co-existence proving to be problematic and full of tension. Not to mention the love angle, which makes it caught up with the female viewers. And males? They watch it, probably, from the pumping scenes and nudity. Oh, sex and violence has never been this literal in the tv screen.

I was wrong. The series is good. The first scene where a man and a woman is driving in a car down a dirt road in Bon Temps, and the succeeding vampire attacks to humans proved to be an exciting and engaging activity to lost time into. The story is fast paced, and the vignettes from each episode connects to its end in the later episodes. After I was done with Season 1, I just can’t stop to control myself to start the next one.

Although the story revolves around, mostly, to Sookie and Bill’s love story, one character I like is Sam Merlotte. From the initial episodes, he seems to be mysterious. He looks like a good guy but with plethora of secrets waiting to be unraveled. When the series progress and presents that he is a shape-shifter, one that shifts to certain animals, it was catharsis on his part. He likes Sookie, but don’t get her attention because of Bill. He hides his real self from the people around because even him do not know so much about his self. His family background remains blurry.

When Maryann was introduced in Season 2, Sam Merlotte shivered. Maryann and Sam met in the past. While she is introduced in the story, she personify somebody who is lovely, caring and sweet. A typical motherly figure who shows concern for those that are weak, repressed, vulnerable and lost. A symbolic shepherd who tend to her flock to the right direction. But she is not that, as it turned out. She personify the devil, complete with horns! As the season 2 closed, Sam is offered to the god. A sacrifice scene is the highlight of this season.

Bon Temps is like any society or place where people seemed weak and powerless. A dictator can govern through this minion using extreme power to make things happen. A lobotomy of the mind.  Memories erased, just like most of us when we have this habit of forgetting the lessons of history. We keep on repeating it, mistakes and faults, especially if we are warped by a higher power that governs us. In order to get away from this, as True Blood presents, is to look into the inner self to wake up and unleash that innate power. Sookie and Bill did this to Lafayette and Tara when they look into their eyes, as if to see that window to their soul and try to jerk them from the madness that they are doing.

Throughout history, we saw the same thing happening around us. When the Filipino people took to the streets of EDSA in 1986, it was as if a divine being shake them up from the nightmare. When Ferdinand Marcos awaits for his god to protect him on his dominion, he was wronged. When he declared a snap election to erase doubts about his legitimacy as the ruler, he thought he will see the “bullhorn” just like (devil girl) saw when she ran after Sookie. Only to found out that it was false idolatry, and that no god is coming to rescue/save/join her. Maryann) was horned to death, just like Marcos was banished from the Philippine soil.

True Blood is not merely a vampire series. It is a reflection on history, philosophy, religion, and even faith. All you have to do is notice it, otherwise, you are in a quagmire that is nightmare. Who will wake you up?


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