Lunch date @ Fely J’s

It has been awhile since my high school friends had a get-together, meaning, dine out in a nice restaurant in the metropolis. Most of them went home in the province during the Christmas break, and I was stuck in Manila because of work, so there was no chance of a get-together. I have to find a way for us to sit down and talk to each other, catch up on each other, especially what is happening around them. Not to mention, the latest gossips and rumours from our other friends who are not here, and batchmates from high school. Bad, but we are all guilty of this.

I chose a good restaurant for the get together. I had been hearing good news for Fely J’s, a restaurant in the upscale Greenbelt 5 in Ayala Center, Makati. I had been to Abe, which is owned by the same group who operates Fely J’s. I look for their contact number and specialties on the net, and I think I made the right choice of venue. We have not yet decided when to held the get-together. But because one of our friend is about to celebrate her birthday, we decided to do it on the same date. The celebrant is not joining the get-together, she is in the province. Usually, our get together is set at dinner time. But to make a difference, we agreed to have it over lunch. I made a reservation one day ahead just to make sure we don’t wait and we have seats ready for us.

It was a Sunday, January 24, 2010 at exactly 12 noon, the get together finally push through at Fely J’s Greenbelt.

The restaurant is named after the mother of Larry Cruz, the owner of the restaurant group, and her specialties. The setting is like your old Spanish-inspired house, complete with wooden ceiling fan. We decided to order sinigang in classic flavor (as opposed to the guava flavor), fried tilapia drench in sweet local spices, sisig, squid, broccoli, and adobo. A serving of one menu is good for 2 to 3 person, with a price range of P300 – P550. The price is a bit steep, so we are expecting something good once the food order arrived. It was a Sunday, so there are a lot of customers eating their lunch. Family and family in one long table. This might be the reason why our order came too late. We were pang with hunger already.

Once the food came, there was a collective salivation from the group. The tilapia really look nice. And the aroma of the sinigang reminds you of homemade version in the province. The tilapia is so crispy and flavorful. It must be from the spices and special sauce it was dip into. Highly recommended.

Mix this with good, funny stories thrown against each other, and the equation becomes perfect. It is one of those moment where you just have to laugh hard from the joke exchanges, and heightened by the nice, Pinoy foods of Fely J’s. Maybe the next time I go there, I will order their crispy pata. It looks like it is inviting as well.

After the heavy lunch, we troop to Seattle’s Best to take dessert and coffee. After all the food intake, coffee will surely help in the digestion.

What a fun day it was. I fervently hope that this will be repeated anytime soon. In a different restaurant already!


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