The worst form

I only stayed home during the entire Holy Week break, so I catch up on a lot of missed opportunities especially my DVD movie marathon. Fit for Good Friday, I pick to watch The Stoning Of Soraya M., a 2008 American film based on the book by French-Iranian journalist Freidoune Sahebjam.

It tells the story of Soraya, as told by her aunt Zahra, who was stoned to death the day before the journalist arrives in their village in Iran. Soraya’s husband wanted to marry a 14 year old girl and do not want to support his family. He has to find a way to get what he wanted, and that started when Soraya began cooking for a friend, a widowed husband. He accused Soraya of adultery, an offense punishable by death (stoning) in Iran’s Sharia law.

The stoning scene is gruesome, a deeply moving experience of a brave woman who has to endure a penalty that she did not commit. It also reflects archaic interpretation of laws, and low regard for women.


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