Nature Valley Run 2010

I have to wake up early again this morning to run 5K at Nature Valley Run 2010 at Bonifacio Global City. This is my third run this year. And I am improving my time clock everytime I run. Aim is to join another 5k event, until I elevate to 10k.


Krispy Kreme presents mango.

Krispy Kreme markets it as the new offer, featuring the fruit of the season. It is talking about mango—Philippine mango. I bought 6 pieces of this to try if it something I would like. It looks nice, especially the real-bit mango at the top, looking like a mix of tart that looks like a donut! I put it in the ref for some time, and when I ate one piece, the donut is a little cold and hard. The caramel sugar also got hard. It makes the donut a bit crunchy, which makes for an unpleasant experience. Maybe I should exposed it first to room temperature before I ate it so that the donuts becomes soft again. Then I will try eating again. Let’s see.


I watch Robin Hood, the new movie from Ridley Scott, last Saturday afternoon after office work. I have been a loyal cinema customer of The Shang Cineplex for some time and I am one of the pioneer member of their E-Membership club. While waiting for my 8.30pm scheduled time, I got hungry and decided to look for a place to eat. Their Ledge area above, near the cinemas offer varied establishments offering a plethora of exquisite dining finds. There’s Chinese (Mongkok), Italian (Green Tomato), Cyma (Greek and Mediterranean), Penang (Asian), C2 (Filipino), to name a few. But since I want a light meal only, I decided to try Sango. It’s a Japanese joint offering different kinds of burgers, their specialty being rice burgers. I tried their Teriyaki Burger. There is a warning at the wall that I have to wait for at least 15 minutes for my order to arrive because they have to prepare everything after the order is done. I thought, better make this burger taste good to compensate for the 15minutes waiting time. When it finally arrive, the presentation looks cute. It’s a little small, I mean the burger. But it taste good, the leafy dressing is crunchy and fresh. The fries taste average.