Cognitive Dissonance meets Here Comes The Bride

Chris Martinez new movie “Here Comes The Bride” ups the ante in terms of making Pinoy comedy. Previous laugh out Pinoy movies focuses on slapstick and toilet humor, as well as “sigawan and sakitan” moments to solicit laughs from the audience. This new movie respects each character, and did not follow the usual comedic blueprint. Each major characters were given time to develop their roles, challenge the thespians and the fun is in that same challenge. Imagine Angelica Panganiban transformed from a demure lass to a wild, sexually-pumped vixen (thanks to John Lapus soul!), or Tuesday Vargas from a provincial housemaid to a ballistic, strong woman (with the aid of Eugene Domingo’s soul!). These switching of characters tests the acting skills of each individuals where the soul was transferred. And the fun is in the delivery. No slapstick, corny formula.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is the issue of soul-switching itself—the main premise of the entire film. It was through soul switching that each character appreciate things which were absent before they were in their normal self. The character of Jaime Fabregas appreciates a good pair of strong legs of John Lapus (to the consternation of John Lapus’ set of image stylist friends), Tuesday Vargas discovers the real value of money when she enters the body of Jaime Fabregas, Eugene Domingo finds love when she enters the body of Tuesday Vargas, Angelica Panganiban realizes that she needs to be strong and assertive and not the demure type that she was before when she became Eugene Domingo, John Lapus jump for joy when she has the voluptuous body of Angelica Panganiban. It ask the question do we really need soul switching to appreciate our own self? Excellent premise, excellent acting. I had stomach stitches here and there.

We badly need a part II!


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