The Spiderman effect

While watching Brothers, the remake movie of Jim Sheridan, it got me thinking that maybe the raw emotions from Jake and Tobey go beyond the film. I suspect that this is a blame-scene from Spiderman. It is a fact that the Spiderman role was first offered to Jake Gyllenhaal, but turned it down. Tobey, therefore, is not the first choice.

Transport that to their movie Brothers and this happens: Tobey went to war in Afghanistan, their helicopter crashed while doing a rescue effort, he was believe to be dead, then his wife (Natalie Portman) at home was informed of the news, brother Jake (who just got out of prison, and is a black sheep) got close to the wife, sexual tension and longing ensued, Jake got close to the kids, and the wife, too. But not for too long. A call one day was received by Natalie informing her that Tobey is alive, and was rescued by the US military forces. Tobey went home, bringing with him PTSD. Then conflict starts from there.

The most memorable scene is at the dining table where Jake brought with him a new girlfriend, which one of the kids got jealous about. She showed tantrum while everyone eats. Tobey told her to stop playing with her plate, to no avail. What happen afterwards led us to the intense, emotional confrontation between Tobey, Jake and Natalie.

Brothers is a small film, but was carried heavily and justified by its good actors, notably the three mentioned. Should these three young Hollywood actors not in this film, this could have been another B-movie which will go straight to DVD.


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