My Rainy Playlist

It is raining everyday in Manila, especially in the afternoon and evening. I love rain; it evokes some pent up emotions and memories. Even imagination. What I love doing on a rainy night is listen to good music.

Below is my current rain playlist.

1.       A-ha “Crying In The Rain”

2.       The Cascades “Rhythm of the Falling Rain”

3.       Orient Pearl “Cry In The Rain”

4.       Damien Rice “Cold Water”

5.       Elisa “Dancing”

6.       Jamie Cullum “High and Dry”

7.       Stevie Wonder “Higher Ground”

8.       Creed “Higher”

9.       Jeff Buckley “Hallelujah”

10.   Amanda Marshall “Let It Rain”

11.   Travis “Why Does It Always Rain On Me”

12.   Lighthouse Family “Lost In Space”

13.   Sting “When We Dance”

14.   The Beatles “Something”

15.   Simon & Garfunkel “The Sound Of Silence”

16.   Blink 182 “I Miss You”

17.   Soraya “Suddenly”

18.   The Rolling Stones “As Tears Go By”

19.   White Lion “When The Children Cry”

20.   Des’ree “Kissing You”

21.   Jason Mraz “Sleep All Day”

22.   Katy Perry “Thinking Of You” (live unplugged)

23.   Augustana “Sweet and Low” (live acoustic)

24.   East 17 “Stay Another Day”

25.   Phil Collins “Do You Remember”

26.   James Morrison “Love Is Hard”

27.   Christopher Cross “Sailing”

28.   Take That “Back For Good”

29.   Plumb “Stranded”

30.   Guns ‘N’ Roses “November Rain”

31.   Pj Ollson “Ready For A Fall”

32.   New Order “Regret”

33.   All Saints “Never Ever”

34.   Jason Walker “Down”

35.   Glen Hansard + Marketa Irglova “Falling Slowly”

36.   The Smiths “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”

37.   Foo Fighters “Walking After You”

38.   David Gray “This Year’s Love”

39.   Paul McCartney “This Never Happened Before”

40.   Stevie Nicks “Landslide”

If you notice, the theme is rather eclectic because some songs are somber, some are emo, some are cross in between. But whatever the case, I like listening to these songs especially when it rains. How about you, what’s your rainy song/s? Let me know.


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