Adidas King Of The Road 2010

Last night, I decided to register for the 2010 Adidas King Of The Road. This will be my first time to join a 10K run (outdoor). I have been joining 5K category since I started running during my birthday last March 2010.

The registration fee is steep at P850. This is the most expensive run I join. But the singlet is nice, in black and white.

I registered in Adidas store in Shangrila Plaza Mall because that’s the nearest registration center from my home and work. But when I came over to the store at around 8pm, the staff said that I have to wait for a little while because the BIB and other race kits are not yet around. They are on its way from Robinson’s Galleria.

After just 24hours, the registrants are enrolling in droves; and singlets are running out fast. In fact, the smallest singlet available for male is L.

I have been running 10K (indoor) in treadmill at my resident gym in SM Megamall for the last one month already. My personal record is around 1H:10M. Not bad for a first time. But outdoor running is different from indoor because there are a lot of external factors like heat, other runners, race track, etc. which affects your time.

But I am excited for this run. Aside from the free breakfast, it seems that this is a well-coordinated running event. The only thing I need to do for now is practice, practice, and more practice.

Or maybe a new pair of running shoes. 🙂


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