Salami Story

I first crave about salami way a month ago, when one Saturday evening after coming out from work, I think of a salty, porky, chow to partner with a cold beer.

We are familiar with salami being one of the favorite toppings for pizza. But, it is also nice “pulutan.” I did not look for a salami from big supermarket, even if there were suggestions for doing so from friends through Facebook. I just leave it all through fate.

As they say, when you want some thing, and when you are really really wanting it…the whole universe will conspire to make it happen.

Happen, it did. My mother bring home one when she came home from Austria! I did not tell her. Maybe a kindred soul from Facebook whispered to her that I am craving for one.

Nevertheless, here am I eating it. With ice cold beer. Ah, the joy of small things that makes you happy.


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