Ray Lamontagne

I only chance upon listening to Ray Lamontagne’s CDs—Trouble and God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise. If you listen to him from a newbie’s point of view, he sounded like James Morrisson, minus the raspy shout. For the music that he creates, he can be aligned to Damien Rice. The latter is a personal favorite.

Lamontagne’s songs are bittersweet, personal, poignant. Folkloric even. Songs that are perfect accompaniment when you read a serious novel at night. Or when you do your siesta on a lazy, long weekend. Or when you feel sad (yes, a sad mood requires a sad song to produce a positive vibe).

If you watch Ben Affleck’s “The Town”, LaMontagne’s song “Jolene” was played during the end credits. That part where Ben Affleck moves to sunny Florida for a new lease on life, and fresh encounter with redemption.


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