Quezon City International Marathon

I only started joining fun runs this year, March 21. The eve of the 29th birthday. The event was Globe Run in Ayala Triangle, Makati City. I joined 5K category.

And from there, I did not lean back. And I end the year joining my first half-marathon (21K). Or should I say, ultrahalfmarathoner because the entire route is 23.4km.

My only preparation is running 10k for thrice a week one month before the Dec 05 date. And the 15K run I did with Unilab two weeks before it.

But deep inside I know I can hurdle it; it’s just that I don’t have any idea how I will be able to survive knowing that this is my first time. But my spirit is high, and I promise myself to finish this year with a running medal. And it’s a done deal.

I only got to see the race route few days before D-day. I have no inkling how far it is since I am not quite familiar with Commonwealth Avenue. So that did not give me the nerves. Until the actual run.

The first 8km was a breeze. I run comfortably; even if there are inclines and declines in the route (overpass, hilly terrain, etc). But after I pass by 10K, my left foot started to complain. It went on saying “ouch, please stop for a moment, I need a rest here.” I said “no, I cannot…my right foot is okay..so I guess you are just whining.” But it did lessen my speed a bit because I don’t want to force it. Besides, I don’t want to end up being rescued by the Red Cross medics. Nakakahiya.

On the 15K line, I can already see the top most point of the Quezon City Circle tower in the horizon. Yes, I know that the finish line is near. But not ’til I turn left back into University Avenue and Acad Oval inside UP Diliman.

When I reach the Oblation area, I was literally walking not because I am tired, but more because my two legs are way too complaining. They just don’t cooperate much further. The pain, especially in my upper thigh, is getting into my subconscious mind. I have no problem with my shin area. I think this is because I wear compression socks, which lessens the pull of gravity every time I pump my feet forward.

When I am near the finish line, I did not feel excited anymore. Not even the medal that awaits me there. Maybe because I keep thinking that I have to finish this once and for all so that the pain and the suffering I endure will end; and the medal is the secondary reason.

I feel elated for my first personal record of 03H:02M:45S. But I am happier that I end the year surviving the half-marathon.

Running has been a good thing that happened to me this year. I am excited for what challenges and achievements it will give me next year.


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  1. Nice one, Sir! I learned a lot from our race last Sunday. It’s also my first time to feel the cramps crawling from my feet to my hips!! It almost made me scream for an ambulance. Although it took us 4hrs to finish it, I still feel happy. Nothing beats defying your limits and conquering your fears. Once the clock hits 12:00:00 on New Year’s Day, my 1000km Bald Runner Challenge shall start. Sali kayo! Hahaha Let’s keep on running and running.. Next thing we know, we are already in Singapore on our very first out of town full mary. =) CONGRATS!

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