Season of (selfless) love.

This is the second year of Copylandia’s feeding program initiative. Last year, the entire company was able to feed more than 8,000 kids nationwide. And because of positive feedback from the employees, and thoughtful commentaries, the same program was introduced again this Christmas season.

Our group, composed of employees from different departments and print shops, chose the community of Purok 2, in Barangay Mauway, Mandaluyong City. We did our feeding activity on December 19, 2010, lunchtime. The place is composed of shanties, square lined to each other by thin plywood wall. It’s dirty, filthy, and muddy when it rains. In short, a deserving place to help a feeding program for children. Purok 2 has high concentration of kids aged 10 years old and below.

The preparation part of this feeding program becomes easier now because there is already a precedent before. The mistakes and shortcomings of last year were eliminated this time. The usual pre-feeding responsibilities include writing letter of intent to the Barangay Chairman about the event including request for counterpart support from their end, to division of labor (more like assignments only) per individual, to treasury, running errands, games, etc.  You see, this whole exercise teaches a good lesson on project management.

We prepared pasta penne in tomato sauce, with puto and corn/carrots/green peas as side dishes. We also give one apple per kid. The food preparation was done in the Barangay Hall of Mauway, with the help of the resident Brgy Secretary Ofel and her companions. Another worth mentioning about doing a feeding program is to closely coordinate with the local barangay officials, because they are more familiar with the place than us. Besides, they can provide logistical support like setting the venue, providing chairs and tables, and giving you tanods for security and order.

The whole exercise is endearing, because no matter how tiresome it is (physically), once you see the joy and gusto from the eyes of each kid that you give the food to, the physical stress is canceled out. What remains after (and it is brimming) is a natural high, the way runners feel after a long, arduous run!

Blame natural anti-depressant secreted by our brain for that unexplainable, happy feeling. Yes, I am always reminded that inorder for someone to be genuinely happy and overcome sadness, all he has to do is help someone in need. Or make someone happy. So true.

There was never a hint of complain or agitation on the part of my group, even if I know that most of them are tired already. The extra fact that this is done on a Sunday, which is their rest day, is something. But no one is complaining because I am sure that they enjoy this. What is a few hours spent doing meaningful activity, especially if you give smiles to more than 200 kids.

We decided to give away 200 pairs of slippers (different sizes) because we know that wearing no slippers makes one prone to infection, foot injury and sickness.

The most important thought that the group derived from this is when you share your blessings, it will come back to you many times more. In different ways and forms.

Who knows, these kids will become somebody in the future.


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