21 thoughts during the Condura Run For The Dolphins 2011

In the movie 127 Hours by Danny Boyle, Aron Ralston (played magnificently by James Franco) thinks of precious little things while his limb is stock in a boulder down in Utah. Precious little things like Mountain Dew (super cold!), the good memories from his friends, his father, his work supervisor, etc. That keeps him sane for the next 127 hours before he cut his limb.

The same thing happens to me while I run the Condura Skyway Run For The Dolphins 2011. I joined the 21K category. Because it’s a long distance run, I summarize my 21 random thoughts while inside the run track.


Km 1. Good Health. I started running March 2010. And I never look back since then. My first run is 5K and I am now running 21K. I am about to enter mid-life and I was never sick (thank God) nor hospitalized. Just thankful for being in tip-top shape.

Km 2. Sound Career. My career is satisfying, and it makes me enjoy things I like doing.

Km 3. Stable Support Group. Thankful for good, close friends. My cushion on the blows of life.

Km 4. Independence. I started being independent when I went to college. Then I became financially independent when I started working seven years ago. And I have become comfortable with this setup–the last full show movie watching, night out with friends, and the like which single person normally do.

Km 5. Water. While running my first 3 kilometers, I started going thirsty. Boy, don’t you just love water more during this moment?


Km 6. Full marathon before 2011 ends. The target is to join the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon normally held every first week of December. Although I heard that Manila has superior running community than this wealthy nation-state, still, every runner needs a taste of international exposure.

Km 7. Faster speed; greater endurance. Which means, run daily for endurance. And cross training at the gym. It makes me cringe everytime an old guy (age 50s and above) pass me over while running. If they can do it faster than I do (and to think that they are older), then I can do it if I just put my heart to it. Seriously.

Km 8. Running shoes. I have been thinking of getting my third running shoes. Serious runners believe that you need to have at least 3 running shoes.

Km 9. Foreign trip. My first trip overseas was 2 years ago in Singapore together with close friends. And the same group is itching to travel again this year to Phuket. Well, work hard play hard.

Km 10. Lose weight. My weight vacillates from 150lbs to 143lbs. But I want to lower it to at least 140lbs this year.


Km 11. Late and absences by staffs. One of my pet peeves at work is the habitual suspects of tardiness and absences. These group of people who don’t care about their career and how to step up the corporate ladder (and eventually enrich themselves through hard work). Running not only makes you sweat, it also erase your worries and relieves you of stress and tensions.

Km 12. High stakes corruption in AFP/PNP. We are all familiar with this. The news is everywhere. It makes you sad that you being a citizen of this country who pays your taxes honestly, and it just went to satisfy the greed of some corrupt officials in the bureaucracy. Crap.

Km 13. Kill joys. Don’t you just hate it when you encounter somebody who loves to make life miserable for everybody? Like Sue Sylvester in GLEE?  Argh, banish them all to a far flung nobody’s island.

Km 14. Rude cabbies. Yes, we all experience cabbies with horns. Them who are devil reincarnate roaming the streets of the metropolis.

Km 15. People who do not obey rules. Our country will not progress, I guarantee, if we don’t even follow the rules.


Km 16. Sleep. When you are weary and tired while in your 16th km, various things come to mind. One of which is sleep, I think how I wish I am just couching in my bed right now and sleeping like a log. You know, like you just fall flat to your back and doze off right there in the wide asphalt lane of Skyway.

Km 17. Tawilis. Craves for tawilis and bulalo especially when your knees is already hurting–its way of complaining that you have already enough. But I endure because the spirit is still willing and able.

Km 18. Full body massage. And to add insult to injury, the finish line is just a stone’s throw away from The Spa (The Fort)! Hilot massage please!

Km 19. Nuclear family. It all boils down to your basic family–your mother, father and siblings. And Basti, my nephew.

Km 20. Beer. Coors Light announces free beer after the run. Which makes my spirit up and alive. I have to finish running this 21K so I can gulp my earliest beer drink so far–at 8am!

Km 21. The hard earned medal. I don’t know why it feels good to receive medals. Maybe it’s positive reinforcement. Maybe it’s been awhile since I had one (the last was way back graduation in UP). Or maybe someone appreciates your effort for reaching your objective to finish.

Tears of joy here.



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