Is Manila a Bon Temps?

True Blood season 4 will premiere on June 12, 2011–the same date as the Philippine Independence. But I will discuss my thoughts on Season 3.

There were new characters introduced–Tommy (Sam’s brother), Jesus (Lafayette’s love interest), Alcide (werewolf), Holly (Wiccan waitress),  and many others. But other than these new characters, it was noted that the entire season 3 is all about identifying one’s hidden identity–Sam confessed that he is a shapeshifter, and Sookie learned that she is a fairy.

But while watching the news lately, this being Manila (Philippines) where anything and everything can happen, I was reminded of the recent headlines resembling what happened in Season 3. Remember Russel, the power-hungry Vampire King of Mississippi. He who wants to expand his interest and dominion over other vampire territories, in means beyond what was agreed upon.

He reminds you of despot and kingpins the world over. But then again, these autocratic rulers will receive their comeuppance sooner or later. But not without someone volunteering his self to lead (or sacrifice); to put his self beyond personal interest for the benefit of everybody.

The local news in Manila lately mimics the story of season 3. We are all too familiar with the high stakes corruption charges at the higher echelon of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Notice that AFP high ranking officials are like Russel, who “kills” mercilessly anyone who wants to get in their corrupt and stealing purposes in the military fund.

But Sookie, Bill and Eric are not to be taken lightly , either. They will see to it that the power-hungry will not succeed. They will do everything to make his objective a failure. They are like the whistleblowers—Heidi Mendoza, George Rabusa, Jun Lozada.

True Blood is dark, violent, and lusty–the way vampires really behave (at least in the literature I read, and movies I saw). But we cannot deny the fact that their world (or Charlaine Harris mind) and our world share some parallelism; albeit, in different context.

Now, I have 2 reasons to wait for June 12 , 2011. 1) Season 4 premiere, and 2) holiday in the Philippines.


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