Half Mary

It was my 3rd 21K run last March 06, 2011. I joined Unilab Run 2011 (Leg 1) at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. I am happy because my personal record (PR) is improving.

Running Event Hours:Minutes:Seconds
1 Quezon City International Marathon 3:04:00
2 Condura Skyway Run For The Dolphins 2:35:00
3 Unilab Run 2011 (Leg 1) 2:31:00
4 Globe Run For Home 2011 coming
5 National Geographic Run coming

My next 21K run is on March 27, 2011 also at The Bonifacio Global City. This is for Globe Run For Home, which has a sentimental value for me because this was my first run last year. I joined 5K then, with a time of 46minutes. One year after, I am already doing half-marathons. Indeed, I have come a long way and I am happy to realize that I can do it.

The beauty of running long distance is that it gives you so many values that is worth keeping:

·         Sense of Direction. Both literally and figuratively, running is a way of life; a direction to the right path (health-consciousness) because you improve your distance as time goes by.

·       Discipline. Like any athletes in any sporting event, running keeps you discipline. There are practice days (which means, early morning run or late night run) to condition your self for a running event. Some serious runners even have a calendar of trainings that they follow before the event.

·         Meditation. You don’t only derived sense of calmness from sitting still and do incantations and prayer in a silent sanctuary. Running is also a form of meditation because it calms the mind (effect of oxidation to the brain from the cardio activity). I am the running testament to this. When I feel stressed after work, I just don my running shoes and start running in a nearby plaza near my area. The feeling after the run is just so good; you feel like your mind is so clean and clear. They call this “runner’s high” from the endorphins that your body produce.

·         Personality development. When you run long distance, there will come a time inside the race route that you will feel tired. Your legs will start complaining. Your crotch area will feel a little uncomfortable due to skin friction. Many things will come to your mind—foremost of which is you want to give up and just not finish the run. But most runners don’t do it because all of them knows finishing the run is a better option than give up.

·         You will feel pain. But just think of it as an investment, a sort of prevention to diseases that may come your way.

·         Camaraderie. You will find awesome friends from the running community. Friends that have the same passionate inkling to running.

·         Rosy cheeks. No further explanation.

So what are you waiting for? Wear that shoes, and run!


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