The Twelfth Imam

I was introduced to Joel Rosenberg’s books when I am checking new titles in National Bookstore in Rockwell. An Ateneo Law student is asking the customer service desk for The Twelfth Imam if they have it. Which they have. Curiously enough, I also got one after I find the synopsis rather exciting.

And I was lucky. It was an exhilarating read, and I cannot put it down! It tells the story of the Shirazi family in Iran, and how is their life through generation, is affected by the coming of the Twelfth Imam.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, the author Joel Rosenberg said that his book is actually a trilogy-hence there is not a concrete ending-and that more surprising twists are about to unfold in the forthcoming two books.

I will not discuss how the story unfolds, but you will never get bored. The author patterned his story on facts about stories inside Iran.

Here’s what Amazon said about the book:

Bestseller Rosenberg (The Last Jihad) has carved out a deep niche in conservative political fiction, vividly sweeping from 1979 Iran during the hostage crisis to a world-threatening crisis in the present day. When a prophecy of the coming Mahdi, or 12th imam, is believed to have been fulfilled through a Muslim prophet, a nuclear attack is threatened by Iran against Israel to bring the end of days. Iranian-American CIA operative David Shirazi must infiltrate the Iranian government without leaving American fingerprints and stop the ultimate disaster that would certainly escalate into international conflict. Filled with Islamic culture and history, this story of an Iranian family and an American one trying to understand one another is coupled with an emerging love story that will no doubt play out in coming books, since the ending is left open for more. Readers must keep track of many characters, but the author has provided a character list. Toeing the Christian conservative line while still writing sympathetic Muslim characters, Rosenberg is a go-to novelist for Christian political fiction.


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