My Adele.

I love Adele. She has wow voice. Her new album 21 is dominating the albums chart in Billboard and other European countries.

Tim Jones of The Guardian analyse how Adele conquered the world.

So why has Adele’s star risen so swiftly and why is it connecting now? Yes, she has got a great voice and decent songs – but clearly there’s something special going on here that sets her apart from the crowd of white female soul singers she was originally lumped in with (Duffy, Joss Stone, Pixie Lott et al). What is it?

The answer involves a myriad different factors but perhaps the best place to start is with her record label, XL Recordings. They spotted in Adele not just a singer with a great voice but an artist who could be developed as her career progressed. That’s why she was given the freedom to pick who she worked with, choose which tracks to release as singles and have a say on how her records were marketed. XL even trusted her to make the potentially damaging decision not to play music festivals (most record labels would have had a fit at this). If Adele initially struggled to stand out from the crowd, it was her decision to sign with XL that eventually helped her stake out ground as a credible artist. Suffice to say, you probably would not see her cycling around a TV studio singing about Diet Coke.


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