Filipino Connection in the new TV series “The Killing”

The Killing is like Mystic River, but only stretch into a TV series to give more acting spaces for talented actors in the cast.

In Day 3 (that’s 3rd episode) of the new AMC TV drama series “The Killing”, a character named Lyndon Rosales, a janitor in the school where Rosie Larsen used to went before she was found dead in a car trunk, was hunted down by Sarah and Stephen, two police officers assigned to investigate the killing. After they find the address of the Lyndon Rosales, an old woman opened the door. The conversation went like this:

Sarah: Is Lyndon your son? Does he live here with you?

Old Woman: No Lyndon here. No. Wala rito.

Stephen: He’s not here?

Old Woman: Wala. Wala.

Stephen: Coz, we could, we could wait.

Old Woman: Umalis na kayo!

Yes, the Lyndon Rosales is Filipino in this crime drama! A person of interest in the case. Sometimes, when you watch American TV shows, you just feel shocked when all of a sudden, someone blurts a Tagalog line as if you did not expect it! Such is the case for this episode.

This is one of the unforgettable scene in the premiere episode, as the father discovers the dead body of Rosie Larsen.

Oh well, I am hooked to this new crime drama. What will transpire in Day 4?

As the grieving family, the most difficult part is moving on. And the delicate relay of death to their two young boys.


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