House: The Last Temptation

Dr. Foreman: I’m glad you’re gonna be sticking around after today.
Masters: Really? You want me to stay?
Dr. Foreman: It’s good to add a different perspective to the department. Someone who still remembers there are rules other than House’s.
Masters: If I don’t play by House’s rules, he won’t let me in.
Dr. Foreman: Find a way around them.
Masters: I’d have to lie to him, which is still lying.
Thirteen: Lying about a lie, that’s practically telling the truth.

That is one of the clever lines in last week’s episode of House, where Masters did her last day at the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I just find the chicken scenes funny (in a hospital!).

Also, it made me play The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in my iPod a couple of times.


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