The Voice

The mentors and the host

Now that my bets for American Idol did not make it to the Top 5, might as well look for other singing shows that show promise. Until I find, THE VOICE.

This is actually a remake of a Dutch show. Four coaches will select eight promising singers selected through nationwide auditions in the US (Round 1). These coaches are Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Christina Aguilera. The show is hosted by former MTV VJ Carson Daly.

Round 2 will make the shortlisted singers from the four mentors to compete with each other, leaving only 4 singers per mentor. Or a total of 16 for the live telecast, to which the audience will vote for their favorite singers who will move on to the next round.

The early standout so far is Javier Colon, whose audition piece of Time After Time is one of the best I heard. It reminds me of the version by Hall and Oates.

Now that AI will be over in a week, this will be the TV reality show I will watch.

Exploding watermelons!

Farmers in China are perplexed by the incidence of watermelons exploding. According to BBC report, it was due to the overuse of chemical to speed up growth of the watermelons. The BBC quoted China Central Television for this (CCTV).

Sounds funny; I cannot imagine if you were like living in a nearby watermelon farm, and while you are taking your siesta, you were caught by surprise when you suddenly hear loud bangs! Hahaha, damn watermelons exploding.