Weekend: Salivate for Lato, Exhorbitant Movie Tickets and Pacquiao Fight

I consider Friday night as the start of my weekend, even if I have work on Saturdays. Just because I am not one of the typical employees who only work 5days a week doesn’t mean I cannot trick my schedule and gloat only on a 1day break.

Last Thursday, the eve of my weekend, I watch Francis Lawrence’s “Water For Elephants.” I read the novel a few years ago, and I like it. Love story, set during the Depression era, with circus as the backdrop/setting. Who cannot resist that? But notice the irony there—circus (which is fun/entertaining) during one of the worst economic period. The contradicting parallelism is highlighted against the backdrop of the love triangle. But I have to say though that Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon has little on-screen chemistry to make the love story believable.

The following day, Friday, while checking some food blogs, I got the chance to visit 80breakfasts.blogspot.com, one of the few nice food blogs in the Philippines. And one food caught my eyes—ensalatang lato! Damn, it’s been ages since I ate one. I just have to salivate right there and then. To cut the long story short, I went to bet with lato on my mind.

Sinful, but will leave you happy afterwards.

The following day, Saturday, lato still pre-occupied my thoughts and palate. There’s a 24hours bulalohan near my work place and I was thinking maybe they have lato? They serve seafoods, so I suppose they have this sea weed? I keep my fingers crossed.

Come lunch time, I went to RJ’s for lunch. While checking the menu, there you have it under their “new menu/appetizers” is bagnet served with lato! Holy cow!

Ha! Not the one I’m looking for exactly (I want the lato ensalata) but any dish with lato is good enough for me! I ordered one, and finish my meal happy.

After I leave the office in the afternoon, I decided to go malling. I went to Shangrila Plaza to catch a movie. I watch Fast & Furious 5. One complaint though, the movie ticket now cost P230 for a new Hollywood release! Aray naman yan. [I notice that The Rock in the movie is always sweating, or perspiring. Yes, the whole screen time. Is he suffering from excessive sweating or something?]

After the movie, hunger sets in so I grab some Panini and watermelon shake to satisfy the most demanding body organ—my stomach. It was a lovely light dinner.

The cool drink to end my Saturday night!


May 8, Sunday, was Mother’s Day. I texted my mother and greet her. She replied that the house (in the province) is ready for the Manny Pacquiao fight that day, and my father’s first companion watching it is my cousin who is like age 13! My father likes to watch the boxing fight in our terrace so some of our neighbours can watch. He subscribes to the pay per view TV feed everytime there is a Pacquiao fight. Which means it will be noisy, like when he is in a cockfight arena.

Croissant egg sandwich for lunch.

Me, I did not watch it. I went to EDSA Shrine to hear mass. But I am updated of what’s happening because Robinson’s Galleria has a free wi-fi. Lunch is at Delifrance in Podium. Light spaghetti and croissant egg sandwich. After which, I bought some Blu-Ray dee-bee-dee in St. Francis Square! Four titles: Somewhere (Sofia Coppola), Animal Kingdom (David Michod), Country Strong (Sharon Feste), and The Way Back (Peter Weir). After I bought these titles, I went home because the weather has been acting weird. It was tropical depression Bebeng. So it rained the whole afternoon which is good because I have the perfect excuse to be at home and watch movie, read a book, eat, watch movie again, read book again, and eat again.

C’est la vie.


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