Hainanese Chicken Rice

I have been wanting to eat Hainanese Chicken Rice for a long time, after Wee Nam Kee opened its first overseas store in Manila. This Singaporean national food is just so damn good-looking in pictures.

Last week, while looking for a place to eat in Shangrila Plaza Mall, I decided to choose Penang Hill. It is an Asian restaurant, and they have Hainanese Chicken. So I ordered one.

The presentation looks lovely; it is what I imagined from the pictures. And when I got the first bite, I never look back. Extra Hainanese rice please!!!

And this weekend again, my dinner is, you guess it, Hainanese Chicken rice. But I tried another restaurant—Sing Hainanese Chicken House. The chicken is not as good as Penang’s, but they have better Hainanese rice! As usual, extra rice again!

Getting fat again because of eating. No, over-indulgence with eating. That’s more like it.

Anyway, what will I crave next week? I hope it’s not Hainanese again. ‘Til next eating engagement.

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