La Paz Batchoy

A friend posted something about La Paz batchoy yesterday in her Facebook wall. Since then, the Ilonggo food pre-occupied my mind. To think that Manila is rainy due to Tropical Depression “Egay,” which is all the more reason to eat the dish!

When I wake up Sunday morning, and find the outside surrounding still wet from the rain, I have no other excuse to not eat batchoy for lunch. After a quick bath, I went straight to SM Mall of Asia, specifically, Ted’s La Paz Batchoy.

This is one of their stores in Manila (the others being in Southmall and Ali Mall), which is a cheaper alternative than flying out to Iloilo just to get the real thing.

It is best partnered with puto, a local rice cake. I guess it’s the Ilonggo palette or just simply reminiscing my stay in Iloilo city during college days that makes me think and crave for it. But whatever it is, I have to satisfy the cravings because otherwise is never an option.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.


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