It’s hard to win a game with an imaginary opponent.

Last Sunday was my first time to watch a UAAP game, live, in Araneta Coliseum. I studied at the premier state university, but in their Iloilo campus, so watching and rooting for your school’s basketball team is not possible. I only got the chance to watch it on TV then; but it’s depressing because UP almost always lose to its opponents. In short, basketball is not our strongest suit (Oblation run is, just kidding).

But last Friday, July 15, UP won versus UE. It ended its 18th consecutive losing streak. The last time they won was 2009! So, with some office mates from UP also, we decided to watch their next game last July 17 versus National University (NU). The scheduled game is 1pm so we meet up around 11.30am within the Gateway Mall area. We ate lunch at Café Adriatico. Crispy pata, because we need all the energy to shout and all. But apparently, two of my companions are too thin to eat crispy pork suckling! Both complained from dizziness. Hahaha!

When we enter the arena, the game is already starting, for a few minutes. The score? 10-1, in favor of NU. Uh-oh, too early to be branded a jinx, right? So we root for every shooting scores that UP gathered. Effective, because we lead the score 43-40 at the end of the first half, courtesy of a three-pointer buzzer beater. The second half, unfortunately, is another matter. NU rains on our parade, as they shoot three-pointers left and right. Not to mention, errors from UP team that lead to miss opportunity to score. To cut the long story short, UP lost.

This being my first time to watch it live, my office mates told me that I might be the jinx. Well, well, well. Jinx me not. Blame the basketball team for they’re a bunch of lemons. They are a lot of room for improvement there. [By the way, is the team underfunded?]

Promise that this will not be the last. We will see if I am really the jinx if UP loses again on future Sunday games that I am in the live audience.


Where art thou, SSS ID?

I happly for an SSS ID since last year. It will be a year in a few months. The last time I check, it is being processed. Damn, months? Others before mine had it in 60days!

Until this news came that SSS is going to release a “unified” ID that can be used for PhilHealth, GSIS and Pag-Ibig. Am I included to this new ID since I didn’t receive mine?

Crossing fingers.


How Harry Potter should be emulated after we see its finale.

I am not really a fan of 3D so I just watch the last Harry Potter film in 2D. Earlier reviews from both critics and viewers  are similar—that the movie is astounding. After watching it last Saturday night, I couldn’t agree more.

To quote Stephen King about the universal theme of the film, “Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity.”

It has ended, and it will remain forever in our minds and hearts. More so, to those who read the entire seven books. How lucky we are to belong to a generation where JK Rowling wrote a superb series not just for kids, but for everybody.