Cafe Juanita

May be I heard of this place before but ignore it. Until the Appetite issue of Rogue Magazine this August where it was touted as the #2 Best Filipino Restaurant in the Philippines, after Isla Naburot in Guimaras. That made me curious!

So the timing is perfect because on a payday Friday weekend, a high school friend is in Manila and wanted to see us to catch up on chit-chat and yes, food. I thought this is the right time to visit and eat in this restaurant.

I am talking about Cafe Juanita. It is a house, so from the outside it looks un-assuming and simple. But when you enter the place, the ambiance will initially gets into you because from the doorstep, a man is playing love songs in the piano.

The decorations are like a collection of old stuffs and put it in the walls, up to the ceiling. Including colorful inverted parasols. The place is romantic, and lovely, which is what we want to feel right now after eating almost always in the chaotic restaurants of malls. So this is a different experience.

Their house specialty is kare-kare. And I have never tasted this good kare kare for quite some time! But another friend ordered crispy pata, and yes, it is yummy and the meat is soft (unlike those offered in other restaurants where it feels like you will digest the whole thing for 48 hours).

I must say that their sisig in tofu is a must try! Really, really, good.

I will definitely go back there to try their other food offers. It’s easy to love Cafe Juanita.


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