One Day, Isang Araw

I will not comment on its plot, coz I haven’t read the book. But if you want to insist how I find the movie (on its own without comparing it to the book), I like it. I love Anne Hathaway, I love Jim Sturgess. But yes, the critics are right in saying that there is just no chemistry between them. Watching Jim in this movie makes me imagine him blurting out a Beatles song or something while he’s at it (he was in Across The Universe).

I have to admit that I like tragic films, because I don’t believe in happy endings. My only complain is this could have been better if it has a killer soundtrack!

My favorite scene is when they went skinny dipping and some young kids get their clothes leaving them naked while chasing after them. Dexter (Jim Sturgess) even said something like the kids should have left at least the underwear because its expensive, and then Emma (Anne Hathaway) ask if its Ralph Lauren, to which Dexter replied “No, Calvin Klein.” Hahaha, I can relate. Men and their Calvins. I believe that each man should have at least a Calvin Klein underwear in his closet. But that was during the 90s which CK was at its peak, many thanks to Mark Wahlberg.

For what its worth, One Day is similar to any blockbuster Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-film. But its plot is different because its not cheesy.


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