Black Wednesday

Today, November 2, 2011, a humpday is personally declared Black Wednesday. After going back for work from a long break, I was thrown with a bad news. My books were soak with dripping aircon water! And mind you, not one, or two, or three even. Ten books for crying out loud!

These are not your so-so books, but most of them are my all-time favorites including To Kill A Mockingbird, Gone Baby Gone, Never Let Me Go, Water For Elephants. Because there is no warm area near my office (the whole room is airconditioned), I immediately look for a place where it can get dry the soonest. The weather outside is not even cooperating. The sun is not out!

I put the soaked books in an un-occupied place where the air con is shut off, so its warm there. Besides, it is near the glass window so the heat outside seeps into the area. A dear friend suggests putting the books in a microwave. I’m in the office and we don’t have it here, so the idea is scrap. A nearby “pugon” is also ideal, but its dyahe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the pages won’t stick, and that they only get crumpled.

Once they dry up, I might send them all to the province (home) so my mother can put them on display in her glass cabinet. Just display cause they are un-readable already. I’m also thinking of downloading their e-book edition to my Kindle so at least I have them on soft file.

The titles that were not affected.

This is ironic because just this morning, I read from the news that DepEd has declared November as the National Reading Month. Perfect, just perfect. Lesson learned. But I still can’t get over the fact that some of them are hardbound! 😦


By the way, even if I know that the books got wet, I did not get cranky or agitated from the whole situation. It did not even piss me off, to think that I have the right to (because these are expensive books, and some are even hard bound). This might be the subtle effect of daily breathing exercises that we do at work. It is called SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga).


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