Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011

The main purpose of my stay in Singapore first weekend of December 2011 is to join the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I joined 21.1K or Half-Marathon. Their gun time is actually a little late, if you compared it to Manila since we have the same time zone. The gun time is 6.30am, but their 6.30am there is still dark!

First half of the half-marathon route is in Sentosa Island, home of Resorts World Singapore and Universal Studios. Lots of trees and overlooking the beach. According to the official publication of the organizer, there are 19,700 runners for 21.1K alone. That’s a lot of runners! But because the run lane is only narrow, there were a lot of choking points which affects PR of some, especially runners who are located at the middle and end part of the starting lane.

One thing I complained about the race is the hydrating stations—it is located every 4KM. I was used to the races in Manila where there is hydrating stations every 1.5KM. But the narrow roads and hydrating stations were compensated by the fact that part of the running route is located inside Universal Studios Singapore. I was there the day before, so when I realized that we will be running again inside, I got excited. The characters went out of their way to cheer and greet us a good morning (and doing high fives!). There was Shrek standing in front of his castle. There is Frankenstein, Marilyn Monroe, the penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and lots more.

The weather in Singapore is hot, and because we started a little late, runners bear the brunt of the heat upon reaching the finish line. It also affected their run, especially in the highway leading to the business district where there is not much shelter. You tend to walk because you are exhausted.

I may not say that my first international run is relatively superior than the fun runs I joined in Manila. We have better, and organized race here. Partly, this might be because there are fewer runners here compared to theirs at 65,000. Overall, it was a good experience that I will treasure in my lifetime.

The medal is really nice. Well carved, and shiny.



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