Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Ides of March means March 15th in the Roman calendar. It is also famous as the date when Julius Caesar was killed in 44BC. He was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate by a group of conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus. Ides of March is also the new movie of George Clooney.

In the movie, the same can be said about Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling), a Junior Campaign Manager for Mike Morris (George Clooney) who is running for president of the United States under the Democratic party.

After Meyers discovered something flawed about Morris–whom he idolized as a good statesman–during a sexual tryst with one of his interns, his whole world turns upside down. He was kicked out of the campaign party. To take revenge, he made an unusual decision and present this to Morris who reluctantly agree to it, but eventually compromise for a sure stake in the White House.

The film gives a glimpse on the political campaign in the US (very fitting now), and how problems are handled off the record. Ryan Gosling makes an excellent portrayal as a young, aspiring campaign leader. That scene inside the car when he checks the phone of the intern Molly Stearns (Rachel Wood) who just committed drug overdose/suicide is riveting (see picture above).

George Clooney makes a good political candidate which is weird for someone who abhors US politics. In reality, he is active with United Nations and is vocal about Darfur and its crisis there. He is s good actor, but I think that he is a better director.

Go. Watch Ides of March.


By the way, the movie is nominated for Best Picture (Drama) at tomorrow’s Golden Globes Awards. Ryan Gosling is also nominated as Best Actor. George Clooney is nominated as Best Director.


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