Did you read this book already?

The book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is still consistent in the booksellers list of Amazon.com, and it has been there for some months now. Now I know why it stayed there that long.

I read this thick book after New Year and I cannot put it down. What makes it worthwhile is that you will know a lot of things about this iconic person other than you read and see in media. He is more than the genius behind Apple, and the author interviews more than one hundred people that was link to Steve Jobs—be it through work, or personal life—in order for the readers to make a wholistic impression on him. And I think that the author succeeded in that regard, especially those people who were his former friends but became competitors (and eventually enemies). 

His ill-manners, filthy mannerisms, strict and restrictive diet, as well as his famous obsessive-compulsive borderline bias towards engineering and design in all Apple products were given huge emphasis in the book. I remember before that prior to his death, Steve Jobs said that he wanted this book because he wants his children to know him personally. A sad revelation. When you read the book, you will know why this is so. His relationship with his children is very far from average, which implicitly being blamed on the fact that he was also abandoned by his biological parents (he was an adopted son).

The book is rich with information that you don’t notice how thick it is. Read it so that you will know how much sweat and shouting were poured in to your MacBook or iPod or iPhone before they were release in the market.


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