Another Hollywood remake from a European original.

I notice that in the Philippines, most stories in TV drama or film are rehash of old movies. In Hollywood, there is the same pattern of remakes from European films (mostly Scandinavian) or Asian horror films. A new film Contraband is no exception.

I haven’t seen the original Iceland version, but you can hardly identify the genre for this one. Is it heist-action or suspense-drama? Critics in the US categorize this movie as B-movie, but come on, Mark Wahlberg plus Kate Beckinsale plus Giovanni Ribisi in one film? You consider that B-movie?

The acting is great. The story average. But it keeps you at the edge of your seat because it is fast-paced, vacillates from New Orleans to Panama, to New Orleans to Panama. My gauge if I like a movie is through the sleepy mood meter when watching it on a last full show. If I feel sleepy or if I want to just shut my eye, then the movie sucks (big time). If I feel otherwise, and awake the entire proceeding of the movie, then it must be good.

For Contraband, I feel the latter. But I have one question though. Is it really a practice among shipping vessels that they would hire non-shipping employees to ride and help in the ship, the way Mark Wahlberg’s role and his brother in law did in the movie?

If you want to unwind this weekend, catch a movie. Watch Contraband.


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