What did you do when you were 26 years old?

The writer of the new movie Chronicle is Max Landis. He is 26 years old. The director of the same movie is Josh Trank. He is also 26 years old. I like the movie–at least it is better than the forgotten Cloverfield. A story of three young boys possessed with mystical powers after going inside a mysterious hole in a barn. In the movie, one of the boys mentioned about Arthur Schopenhauer and his concept of will. The German philosopher said that all nature, and that includes man, is the expression of an insatiable will to life. If given with greater power, such as telekinesis in the film, man can either use it for good or bad. But Schopenhauer’s tenet is bias towards good, with the belief that man by nature is good. Though the movie’s storyline revolves around the failure of goodness, what with using telekinesis to wreak havoc in Seattle. But partly, this could be the result of environmental factors since his father is an alcoholic, couch potato who abuse him verbally and physically. Add to that the hapless situation of his mother. The kind of environment wherein hate and rebellion, and the absence of love, leads to the diffusion of “will.” Thus, he make use of his telekinesis in a bad way when he was confronted with no available “right” option. He rob a convenient store to justify buying medicine for his ailing mother.

The movie looks like an indie-produced, but this is release by a behemoth film outfit. I like the special effects; can be compared with any Marvel superhero flicks. Catch it in your nearest favorite cinema.


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