Movie Marathon. Part 2.

After reading three books in a span of two weeks can be tiring. My minds just want to not read a fourth book right away. This must be information overload, or so they say. What I did was watch good movies, the kind which are frontrunners at the award season in the US. As a movie fanatic, I am self-obliged to watch them right away so I can check if the winners at major awards show are really deserving.

1. 13 Assassins. This Japanese movie is really good. I chance upon it when it was mentioned as one of the top foreign films of 2011 in the National Board of Review. It is a story of 13 samurais who plot to kill an abusive and dictator-styled leader who will succeed the throne in Shogun Japan.

2. The Debt. An unsuccessful plot to capture and send a Nazi leader from Germany to Israel to face liabilities for his atrocities on anti-Semitism. And how a major cover up would haunt these plotters during their old days as that cover up unfolds again in their midst. True to their cloak-and-dagger lifestyle, this movie is suspenseful enough to engage you with the story, but failed to deliver a different approach to a common spy movie.

3. War Horse. This film is included in most “best list of last year” from American Film Institute to National Board of Review. Directed by the multi-acclaimed Steven Spielberg, and based on a children book, War Horse tells the unforgettable story of a horse and a boy during the World War I. Riveting and sad, but uplifts you at the end knowing that in times of great distress, special bond and relationships makes you cope to the unexplainable horror of war. Beautifully acted, too.

4. The Descendants. When I watch this, and when I come to the part where George Clooney tells the “other man” in the life of his clinically-dead wife, a thought comes to mind—this is like Star Cinema’s “No Other Woman” only this time it’s the wife who did the infidelity. Great acting performances from George Clooney and his daughters in the movie. It has an indie feel to it, blame it to the director who also did “Sideways” years ago. This is a shoo-in for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards.

There are still other films that I would like to see, such as The Artist, Hugo, Extremely Loud Incredibly Close, My Week With Marilyn, Shame, and A Separation. Well, let’s reserve that for the weekend. That is if I don’t feel like going to read a book again. 🙂


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