The disaVOWal.

The Vow is suppose to be a Valentine offering, obviously, with its regular release within the week. I saw it last night. I usually keep my expectations low, like very low, when watching this genre. They either get too mushy or over-the-top. Besides, keeping your expectations low means less upset after leaving the cinema. Less probability of saying “walang kwenta” then walking out of the theater, doubly pissed because you pay a handsome price for a ticket.

The gist of the story can be summarized thus:

            Boy and girl got into an accident. Both wounded; but girl seriously because she failed to wear her seat belt. Girl lost her memory, specifically those that she is with boy.  Boy adjust to the setup of re-creating moments again to win her back. And they live happily, ever after.

My first complain is the two protagonists—Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams do not have chemistry! Sorry, but it was my honest impression, from the start that they are holding hands together running to get into their car amidst a snowy Chicago, I cannot patronize the partnership. And this is essential in any love story movie. It is as if I am watching a mismatch of partners in a Nicholas Sparks-inspired romantic movie, though both were previously starred in one. Channing with Amanda Seyfried in Dear John, and Rachel with Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.

50/50 was my favorite romantic movie of last  year. For this year, 2012, I think I still have to look for more. The Vow is not it.


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