The Hypnotist

Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm

“You will hear only the sound of my voice

You will hear only the numbers counting down

Calm now, there’s no reason to be afraid

No readon to be afraid

No reason to be afraid

There’s reason to be afraid”

I am about to finish reading Lars Kepler’s The Hypnotist. I chanced upon this book after it was featured in TIME magazine’s Top 10 books for 2011. The book cover alone got me curious. So I send a tweet to Fully Booked (yes, they have a twitter account and very helpful!) to ask if they have this book on stock. After a few hours, Lucy from Fully Booked replied that it is available in their BGC branch.

I went there over the weekend to grab my copy. The book is an easy read; the kind that you read in airport while waiting for your flight, connecting or direct, or delayed, to somewhere. Or the type that you want to open its pages while riding the MRT, or waiting for your turn to be interviewed (if you are looking for a job). In short, it’s easy to understand and the literary style is simple.

This is how the book phrase the story:

Tumba, Sweden—A triple murder, all the same family. The killer is at large, and it looks as if the elder sister escaped the carnage. But she is missing and it seems only a matter of time until she too is murdered. Detective Inspector Joona Linna demands to investigate the grisly aftermath—against the wishes of the national police. Where can Linna begin? The only surviving witness is the boy, Josef, whose mother, father and little sister were killed before his eyes, and he’s in shut down, comatose with shock. Obsessed and desperate, Linna turns to disgraced specialist Erik Maria Bark…

I heard that this book is soon to be a major film (in Sweden, at least), directed by Lasse Hallstrom. I’m sure a Hollywood version is in the offing. Meanwhile, I would like to ask when will Salmon Fishing In The Yemen be shown in Manila? They both have the same director.


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