My 31st.

When I reach thirty something, I promise myself not to have a birthday party slash blowout. I guess it’s the age or something. I feel like the money to be spend there can be use for some useful and more rewarding things.

When I turned 31 last week, it was just a simple dinner for me and my sister. I chose Cafe Via Mare in Shangrila Mall because it is convenient from where we live (Mandaluyong) and the fact that we will be watching The Hunger Games right after at the Shang Cineplex.


My favorite appetizer, paku salad, should be there. If you haven’t tried it, you should! Trust me, this underrated fern tastes good when you put vinegar, tomatoes, and itlog maalat (salted egg).

I also order monggo and crispy pata for main course. Yes, crispy pata and we are only two. But we finish it! Very sinful, indeed.


After the stomach is full, we watch The Hunger Games. I like the movie, though the facial expression of the main protagonist doesn’t look like she is very afraid–to think that she is running for her life. Overall, it was a nice movie.


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