Bugang River

Bugang River is voted consistently as one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines. It is located in Pandan, Antique where I came from.  It deserves all the accolades because from the looks itself, it makes you want to throw away your shirt and jump over the cold water.

Yep, the water is cold because its source is  a cold spring where another famous place is located, Malumpati.

Last Easter Sunday, I invited some friends to dip in this river because the weather is just so humid and warm. Perfect time to go swimming, and since I already did sea swimming the previous day in Phaidon, a river swim is well-deserve.

They say that the famous Pasig River used to be as clean as this 100 years ago. I was fortunate to experience swimming in a clean river on this day and age of environmental decadence. I hope that the local government, and with the cooperation of local stakeholders, will maintain the cleanliness of this precious gift from God.



  1. Hi Sir!
    i am going to boracay a few months from now and planning to have a side trip to malumpati spring. hope you can help me on how to get there from caticlan using public transportation (if you can also provide fare expenses). i would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sir! follow up question lang po, how can i get to St. Vincent Ferrer church from let’s say Pandan town proper? would you know the schedule of sunday mass? I’m planning to go there on a sunday so might as well attend the sunday mass. Do you also know how to get to libertad watchtower from caticlan? sorry for so many inquiries and thanks again for the informations.

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