Best gift ever!

I have to honestly say that the best gift I have ever receive is Amazon’s Kindle. I had mine several years ago, right after they release an international 3G edition, which is applicable for buyers outside the US. Yes, the white one!

Though I have not used it as much as I want to, lately, it has become very useful especially if there are books that I cannot find locally. Even before 50 Shades of Grey went famous online (and before a US publishing company reserve the right to publish it), it was already a digital e-book sensation. Which makes readers with Kindle or other book readers to read it in advance.

Likewise, buying the Kindle edition of books is cheaper than the actual books. It is also very convenient when travelling so you don’t have to luggage books, which adds up space and weight to your baggage. I am happy that I saw few readers in Manila who reads on their Kindle (the new versions). Two years ago they are non-existent.

But I have to say that I will still buy printed books. Leafing through the pages of a tangible book is something that I cannot do without. And also the smell of ink when you open a recently-purchased book.

But printed and Kindle book editions can co-mingle for me. And I both love them.


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