Nikita reminds me of Alias, that series where Jennifer Garner wears pink hair before Katy Perry makes it fashionable. I did not finish watching that series. But this Maggie Q-starrer, loosely based on previous Nikita film and tv series, is edgy and engaging.

It tells the story of Nikita (Maggie Q),a former trained assassin working for a covert group Division. She left the group and go against it. She tap a young Russian girl, trained her and put her inside Division to be her mole inside so she can counteract any projects Division is planning. Nikita aspires to get the black boxes, a hard disc containing all the information gathered by Division for all their activities. It is an action-packed series, like a 007 movie.

I am currently watching season 2, and I intend to finish it in a few days. Season 3 will premiere this October and the story is getting intense and exciting. Cannot wait.


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