The 13 Female Martyrs of Nanjing

AS he was overseeing rehearsals for the monumental, multimillion-dollar opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, with its cast of 15,000 and fireworks extravaganza, the film director Zhang Yimou faced enormous pressure. Hoping for a distraction, he turned to a book. But far from light entertainment, it was a novel called “13 Female Martyrs of Nanjing.”

More from The New York Times.


I got the chance to see Zhang Yimou’s The Flowers of War, about a story of two different set of women gathered in a Roman Catholic Church during the Japanese Occupation of Nanjing in China. It was the most expensive Chinese film ever produced, to the tune of US$90 million. And the cinematography is obviously well-crafted, reminiscent of that Holocaust movie The Pianist.

The movie is so emotionally charge, and painful to watch. It makes my heart break every 5 minutes.


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