I Do Bidoo Bidoo

Manny Pangilinan said that “I Do Bidoo Bidoo” is better than Mamma Mia. I think that its closest American film is Across The Universe, featuring the songs of The Beatles. They are both flamboyant, colorful, and over the top. Mamma Mia is fun, too but maybe because it was first a stage musical (and not a film musical itself) makes it look square and limited.

I still have to find a Filipino musical that I enjoyed before but I cannot remember. I love musicals, and a Filipino musical featuring the songs of Apo Hiking Society makes it really special.

I heard about this project months before when Rogue magazine said that Chris Martinez is cooking a Pinoy musical inspired by the songs of APO. The finished output did not fail our expectations—you see, even Jim Paredes raves about it on Twitter. He watched the film so many times, and asks the director to make a sequel right away.

It is easy to fall in love with the movie. The universal premise on love, and its homage to Pinoy culture, makes it relatable to the audience. I, for one, is familiar with the songs of APO so I appreciate the movie more.

It is now on its second week in cinemas, so please do catch it if you can. I guarantee you, it is worth your money and time.


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