My Favorite Films of 2012 (Part 1.)


Life of Pi

I read the book several years back and was blown away. When news came out that it will be adapted to the silver screen, I got hesitations because the story is fantasy. It is hard to convert it to motion picture. The producers were having a hard time looking for the director fit to direct a challenging film, and it was Ang Lee who finally took the responsibility. Regardless if you read the book or not, Life of Pi is an amazing film that captures the heart of its audience—vivid, luscious cinematography thanks to CGI looks colorful on screen and 3D. Watching the movie is like listening to a parable of a priest in a Sunday homily.



Zero Dark Thirty

The director, Kathryn Bigelow, expects its audience to understand the background of her film, i.e., what transpired after 9/11. That means, the audience has to remember major terrorist attacks that happened after the Twin Towers, from Marriott Hotel bombing in Pakistan to London bus bombing. Knowing and familiarization with these events make you appreciate Zero Dark Thirty more. Is torture an effective tool to eke out information, and curb further attacks? What went wrong when they cannot find UBL for a long time? Is redtape and bottlenecks in CIA structure to blame for the slow pace of finding UBL? At what cost does “human error” has on its capture? These questions were posed to the audience. Watching it creates arguments, debates. It asks questions.


Perks of Being A Wallflower

I enjoyed the book where it was based. I love the books featured in the movie. I love the music. Oh, don’t we just love everything in there?


The Impossible

The most hearbreaking film I had seen in 2012. It is so sad, story of hope and survival. It makes you realize that this is indeed a miracle. The story is based on a true story of a family’s ordeal during the Indian Ocean tsunami. Excellent acting from Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and the young kid, Tom Holland.



Ben Affleck sealed his place in Hollywood as one of its finest young directors. I rave about his previous films “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Town.” I like him even more in “Argo.” This, by far, is the exact definition of a political thriller—an edge of your seat suspense.


In local scene, my only favorite films are:

Image Ang Nawawala

One of the most beautiful love story I have seen in a while. The colors, the music, are all perfect. Marie Jamora is a genius.


I Bi Doo Bi Doo

Never has a Pinoy musical has this been exciting. Not to mention, the universal appeal of the songs of Apo Hiking Society, and the most exciting love scene to hit the screen in a while.


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