The (Inside) Story

On December 29, 2012, a Saturday, the Brain woke up feeling light after a good eight hours of sleep. It sends a nice vibe to all other organs within the body that this will be a fun day. It was cloudy outside, but the Brain is hoping for a nice weather because the Self who owns the Brain has been pre-occupied with this for the whole month.


The Brain is fed by the Self almost every day by feeding program related thoughts, especially after Christmas. Good thing though, Lungs and Heart has been pumping enough oxygen to Brain for it to relax and not stressed out. It is because, the Self, is practicing daily short kriya. Brain, Heart, Lungs, Stomach and other parts of the body are jumping for joy. The organs are enjoying this daily, but today is a special day because they know that the Self will exert extra effort—physically and mentally—for the feeding program.

Brain warned Hands that it will be used severely for this day. Hands are not complaining, both left and right limbs are honored to be of help in preparing foods for hundreds of kids. It has mastered the skill to chop onions and garlic, slice tomatoes, and mix monggos in a huge pan.

Tongue is also cooperative to use its skill in making sure that the food prepared is something that the kids will enjoy eating.

Brain reminds Lips to smile. “Don’t forget to smile for the kids, okay?” it said to Lips. “Of course, I will include my ever reliable partner, the infamous pearly white Teeth!” replied Lips. Lips and Teeth are partners in making Self exudes positivity to all, wherever it goes.

Around mid-morning of the same day, Brain sends an instruction to the Skin to sweat. Tensions have to be release. The weather is fair, sun is out and the sky is blue. The Self is happy that there is a good weather for kids to eat healthy today. Muscles in the Arms and Legs are also happy because they have been used up more so today. The Self is helping in the preparation and setup of the venue, and it has to lift weights of tables and plastic chairs for the kids to sit on.

Brain sends another memo to all organs that it has to act fast, because the barangay officials said that hordes of kids are on their way to the covered court for the free lunch! Accidentally, Brain emits an acid that makes the Self agitated and tense for a while. Brain told Self that it’s a natural reaction.


“Take a deep breath, and repeat until the emotion subsides,” Brain told Self. After a few minutes, Self is okay. Emotional breakdown averted! Whew!

The table settings were setup nicely. The plastic monoblock chairs were lined up like in a kindergarten classroom, ready for the incoming kids to use.

One by one they come. Lips and Teeth were so busy smiling. Good thing there’s saliva to fuel them up because, trust us, it’s not easy to smile for hours. Good thing Eyes assists Lips and Teeth, the “Happy Smile troika” as Brain would brand them. Eyes, though simple and silent, connects a bond of mute understanding with the kids to make them feel comfortable and relax while waiting for the program to start. It was not called windows to the soul for nothing.

When Self do not smile and express its eyes, Brain would immediately snap and reminds the troika to do its “special duties” for the day. Brain can be a little bit fascist, you know.

When Eyes saw the kids dutifully sit on the chairs, and notice that some of them are hapless in bearing, the Heart cannot help it but soften its stance and sends an emotional appeal to the Brain for Eyes to well some tears. But the Self can be so killjoy sometimes! It doesn’t want to show emotions in front of people. It just wants to control it and use Lips instead to smile, even if it knows deep within that its Heart is bleeding from what it is seeing. Self can be incomprehensible.


By 11am, the program proper started. Ears are feeling the shrieks and shouts from hyperactive kids gathered in the covered court. There is supposed to be games for them to enjoy but they are already shouting for food to be served! Kids are the boss for this day. We have to heed.

There was series of basic exercises that Self introduced to the kids. All parts of the body were instructed by Brain to pay attention so it can be done nicely and smoothly. Division of labor in action.

The Head takes care of its rotation, together with ever supportive partner that puts it in pedestal, Neck. Shoulder and Hands also did their 100% to set an example for the kids to follow. And don’t forget Hips, Knees and Ankles. Brain and Self are very happy!

It has to be announced that Nose plays a big role in this activity. If Nose showed tantrum and stopped breathing, go figure the aftermath. Nose was well-applauded by other organs during the exercises, and bhastrika for an excellent inhalation of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide. Everybody in the system benefited, and has to be thankful for Nose.

Mouth and Throat deserve a standing ovation during the La-La meditation. They provide the voice to settle, calm and center the senses. Oh, and the Eyes closed for pure, blissful feeling. Thank you.

The food/lunch was served around 11.30am. We just let them stay in their seats. They are the boss today, so they don’t move a nerve. We will do all the servings. That is how special they are. A well-deserved pamper, not just in the spirit of Christmas, but in the knowing that these are the faces of the next generation. And we have to take care of them. Appreciate them.

Self is pestering Brain to tell all in the human system to handle this part of the feeding program with grace and clarity. It is hard to commit mistakes in serving food on the plate. Self has to measure how much monggos and rice to serve per plate. It has to depend on how big or small the kid to eat it. That way, the limited food prepared can be stretch and maximize for everyone to enjoy and savor.


Self has to act in precision and (fast, too) because every minute delay is a minute wait for a grumbling stomach of a kid! Self should know because its own Stomach reacts the same way when it is hungry.

After the last kid was served with meal, Self just wanted to lie down and rest. Legs and Back already feel fatigue and pain from continuous standing for hours. Skin is sweaty and oily from sun and humidity.

But Self don’t complain. “This is not the time to complain and rest. You see, Eyes told me that the children are all happy and enjoying themselves. Their faces are endearing and glowed after eating healthy, vegetarian meal! You all experience this when Self eats non-meat meal daily in the office where it works. It doesn’t take a toll on our system and how we do our work for Self. It feeds us with sufficient nutrients just enough for us to function accordingly. It does not give us toxic wastes” explained Brain to all parts of the body.

At the end of the feeding activity, and when Self returned to the office, all organs from Brain down to Feet, both internal and external, are happily savoring the happy feeling of cortisol which the Brain popped out after all the hard work was done.

Self said it succinctly to the organs, “A simple smile and thank you from the kids that day is reason enough to ease the tired body.” And a loud commanding voice said, “I agree!” It was Spirit.



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