Musings about Hong Kong Airport

It was my first time to be in Hong Kong, and when I decided to join the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013, I told myself that this is the right time to visit the former British colony, a cosmopolitan city with efficient rail system.

The city-state is just about 1.45 hours via air from Manila. So it feels like going to Davao from Manila or any city in Mindanao for that matter. The only difference is the temperature and the swanky, huge airport in the middle of the sea.

I have been hearing about how nice the Hong Kong airport is. And when I arrived there last week, it really is beautiful. Coming from a Third World country, theirs is super nice. And big.



When you reach the HK airport, their floors are carpeted. In NAIA, its tiled. It is quiet, the way you want it after leaving the plane. Passengers are tired, so all they need is a quiet airport. You need to ride a fast train from the airport that will lead you to the main airport for immigration. Yes, that’s how big it is.

There’s a plastered sign that says how frequent the train arrives. Every two minutes! How I wish we have the same in MRT. šŸ™‚


Below is the fast train going to the main airport for your immigration clearance and arrival.


Below is the aerial view of the huge airport. It is far from the city proper, around 1 hour by bus or 20-30 minutes by MTR (their subway train).


Their arrival area is like an upscale mall, equipped with fast food chains to your own liking. When I arrived there early morning, I drop by Mc Donald’s to eat some breakfast before heading for the downtown. I also convert my US dollars to Hong Kong dollars in the airport. They have convenient forex kiosks situated in both arrival and departure areas.




Next topic: Weather, City Proper and the rest of Hong Kong. Yes, including food.


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